We had been providing IT consultation, domain, web and email hosting for corporate seen 2002.

We started our web and email hosting services with our own servers hardware initially and when cloud computing become popular, we are the first to go 100% cloud and provide vps hosting to those who need to migrate from dedicated hosting to cloud hosting.

Cloud computing become more popular when lots of corporate were facing server hardware failure and the latest server system don't support the corporate existing application softwares.

The idea of cloud computing allow you to continues to use your existing application softwares endlessly as long as you are able to migrate it to cloud.

Before we decided to move to cloud computing, we do lots of research and trial on difference providers, and we selected SoftLayer as our cloud computing provider.

We are IBM Global partner and when IBM approach us for cloud computing concern, I do recommended SoftLayer to IBM.

IBM do acquired SoftLayer after that.

It's a big move from a physical server system to a virtual server system, lots of people don't really know how and what is the pro and con to do so.

Because we are the first to do research and trial on cloud computing, so we have the knowledge and we start to provide IT consultation to corporate.

Virtualization was developed by IBM initially, but they drop the project, the freelance community pickup the project and further develop it.

And the one that can develop the most user friendly virtualization system is SoftLayer as we know from our research and trial at that time.

When cloud computing become blossom, it attract lots of developers to go virtual, social media and eCommerce become popular.

Lots of corporate follow the trend and start to bulid their own eCommerce website and have their own digital marketing in place.

All this changes afffected our web and email services and we start to partner with web developers and provide digital marketing (emarketing) to keep up with our customers demands. 

And include digital marketing in our IT consultation service.

When digital marketing become popular, big data come into picture when corporate don't know how to analyst their own customers base data.

Beside that corporate also have a big problem in linking their customer base data (CRM) with their In-house software system (mainly ERP) securely!

Again our customers and partners start to seek help on eCommerce, CRM and ERP system Integration concern.

Lots of developers at that time know only eCommerce / CRM / ERP and integrate is a big problem to them.

Some concern is fatal and we help to identify the problems and provide alternative solution to either resolved the contract between the corporate and the developer / help them to integrate the system successfully.

Again the above is inclusive in our IT consultation service.

We started as a simple domain, web and email hosting provider to inclusive of IT Consultation service base on the IT changes and we do our best to keep up with the changes and demands. 

You may contact us for IT Consultation, web and email hosting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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