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About Us

Global Linkway Pte Ltd:

(ACRA Registration No: 200207357D) is a Singapore based IT Trading and Business Consultancy company founded in 24-Aug-2002.


Our core Business:

  1. IT Consultancy.
  2. Social Marketing Services.
  3. Cloud Computing Hosting Services.


Our value:

We are able to help companies to acquire necessary and affordable hardware & software to enhance their business operation, create alternative revenue channel via social awareness.


IT Consultancy:

We provide IT Consultancy to corporate clients whom wish to setup / develop / improve their IT system for their business operation requirements.

Our IT Consultancy scope inclusive of:

  1. Desgin:
    • Private data center.
    • Private Network.
    • Virtualization.
  2. Software Project Consultancy:
    • Review contract.
    • Review design plan.
    • Propose Cost Control Plan.
    • Propose Quality Control Plan.
    • Propose Testing & Commissioning Plan.
  3. Cloud Computing Adoption:
    • Public Cloud. 
    • Private Cloud.
    • Budget Planning.
    • Private & Public Cloud Integration.


Social Marketing Services:

We observe that social media adoption is growing fast.

Email and flyer spamming is going to be a sunset business.

Advertising in social media can target the actual user group without wasting people time / kill any tree unnecessary.

This is a very green way of advertising and we adopted this as our core business to help corporate to create awareness and increase their business opportunity greenly.


Cloud Computing Hosting Services:

Singapore is an IT Hub and many Cloud Service Providers(CSP) set their base here.

Most of the corporate is new to cloud computing.

We are one of the early-bird that adopt to Cloud Computing 100% with actual experiences and cost control.


Cloud Services Experiences:

Not all cloud suit all corporate and not all provider adopt to ASIA business model.

If you choose the wrong cloud, you might not get the right services.

If you choose the wrong provider, you might not get along with them.


Hosting Services Provider for:

  1. Cloud Instant hosting.
  2. cPanel web & email hosting.
  3. Windows WebMatrix hosting.


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